Clients’ comments are more convincing than anything we say

This was our first experience contracting with the government and Bob helped us navigate this normally complicated process, making it simple.  When questions arose specific to our application, Bob leveraged his contacts within the VA Federal Supply Schedule Service to get them answered quickly.

Our application (was) chosen to be “fast tracked” by the department chief…I believe we were selected because of the completeness of the application and the involvement of GSA Solutions.

Overall, working with GSA solutions was a very positive experience that far exceeded our expectations and we now enthusiastically recommend them

    Collin Anderson, Vice President of Marketing and Market Access, Respicardia, Inc.

On January 17 Bob and I discussed how he could help, on February 1 we had our kick-off meeting, and on March 6 our completed proposal was submitted. In thirty-four days Bob accomplished a job we had made no progress on in three and one-half years.

During the entire process communication with Bob was outstanding. His directions were always very clear, so no time was wasted due to misunderstandings about what was needed. Without reservation, I recommend GSA Solutions to any company that needs an expert to help them work through the GSA contract maze.

Larry Hamilton, General Manager, The Prometheus Group

In 2007, we embarked on getting our first GSA contract. In 2018, after 10 years it was time to reestablish a new GSA Contract. We were looking at the contract negotiation process now and not feeling that we had the stamina to go through it again as we remembered how difficult it was.

GSA Solutions offered us a package to prepare the information and be the in-between us and the contracting office — they know what is needed. Costly mistakes, which will be in place for the life of the contract, will be avoided. The people at GSA Solutions are friendly, focused and patient. We would recommend GSA Solutions for anyone looking at negotiating a GSA Contract.

Robert Chadwick, President/Founder, Endure ID Inc.

When Bauerfeind’s proposal was submitted to the government we were prepared for a lengthy review. Instead we got a pleasant surprise. The government’s review is a two-step process consisting of in initial review to find errors and omissions in the proposal followed by a lengthier comprehensive review. However, our proposal was found to be error free during the initial review, so we proceeded to final negotiations only six weeks after submitting the proposal instead of the expected six to eight months.

Scott Borjeson, Director of Marketing, Bauerfeind USA Inc.

VA and Military hospitals wanted Inspire Medical’s products “on contract” with the GSA before they would order. From our first conversation it was clear that GSA Solutions understood the process and had developed ways to simplify it. They didn’t overpromise, instead they explained the normal timeline for getting on contract and said they would work to improve it.

Our contract award came two months ahead of schedule with the pricing and terms we had proposed. Naturally we were delighted. We are continuing our relationship with GSA Solutions through their contract maintenance program and have already called on them for information about selling to groups of VA hospitals. I recommend GSA Solutions’ work without reservation – we would not be in this very positive position with the GSA today without them.

Gary Goetzke, VP Health Economics, Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.

Bob McKee got Pro-Link on four GSA contracts which cover our extensive product lines. One of our contracts more than paid for itself on the very first sale, a $60,000 order for hand sanitizer from a VA hospital.

Bob’s communications to our distributors generated buy-in from 96% of our distributors, the highest participation of any program we have ever run. Once our contracts were awarded, Bob quickly brought our distributor sales reps up to speed about selling to government contracting officers via Webinars and sales training materials.

His success with the GSA project lead to Bob’s involvement in helping to refocus Pro-Link’s national accounts strategy, by assessing our strengths and matching them to prospects’ needs.

Paul Lemieux, former President & CEO, Pro-Link