Our Process

We’ve Got You Covered From Start To Finish

Products & Pricing: We discuss strategies to make you competitive, while meeting the requirements of the government’s RFP and maintaining profitable margins.

Information Gathering: To simplify the process for our clients, GSA Solutions has distilled most of the information needs from a lengthy proposal down to an easy-to-use questionnaire along with a list of readily available company documents such as your price list, return policy, and 510k’s. We will also assist as you complete necessary federal registrations.

Proposal: We prepare the forms, documents, letters, and spreadsheets that comprise your proposal. Where company signatures are needed on letters, forms and registrations, we provide completed documents ready to be signed. When ready, we submit your company’s 150+ page proposal for review by the GSA.

Representation: The GSA’s proposal review process takes 6 – 8 months. We expedite the process as much as possible by submitting a carefully prepared and formatted proposal and by responding quickly to questions.

Negotiation: Once the review is complete, the GSA’s negotiator seeks to improve terms. At this point, we add value by knowing every negotiating point and preparing to respond in your interest.

Final Offer & Contract Award: We prepare the “last and final offer,” which summarizes the negotiation and becomes the basis for your contract’s terms. The Contract Award follows 2-4 weeks later.

GSA Advantage! Shopping Portal: Once on a GSA contract, your products are available through the GSA’s online shopping portal at www.GSAadvantage.gov. Many government buyers will purchase your products directly from GSA Advantage! and pay by credit card. GSA Solutions prepares the catalog materials and arranges the information upload.